Raison d'être:


At Serfoss Productions, we believe that good relationships beget good products.  Capturing beautiful images is only a midway point between understanding your needs and making sure your needs are fulfilled.  Our definition of success is not in receiving your job, but in receiving your recommendation.  


From the owner:


My work has been, and continues to be, tremendously impacted by my unique life experience.  I had the privilege of growing up in the wild wonder that is Northwest Montana, which instilled a sense of space and a taste for natural beauty, and an understanding that reputation is tantamount to craftsmanship.  Heading south for sunny weather in 2000, I earned a degree in psychology from Pepperdine University, and fell in love with the beach along the way.  Since then I've studied, volunteered, worked, played, and explored in more than 50 countries, each of which give something new to how I see the world.   

y passion for photography was discovered the first time I saw the image I shot in a Cambodian orphanage enlarged for wall art in the office of the non-profit where I was working at the time.  Seeing the emotion and connection in the children's eyes made me want to shoot more; seeing my own reflection in the glass just behind them made me want to shoot better.  Whether shooting the beauty of romance in Paris, or the striking presence of the world's most exclusive cars on the streets of LA, timeless images treasured by my clients are always the goal.  

My wife Kate and I reside in Venice with our beloved dog Bruno and the fading memory of an uninterrupted sleep schedule.